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Texas Rubber Group's In-house High-pressure Hydro-static Tester

High-Pressure Hose Testing

With Texas Rubber Group's unique in-house pressure tester, our clients have local access to ensuring high-level of safety in the field.
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Texas Rubber Group offers a large enclosed servicing area for refurbishing your equipment in all kinds of weather

Large Enclosed Service Area

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Our enclosed servicing space allows Texas Rubber Group to service oil & gas equipments of all sizes regardless of weather conditions.
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Texas Rubber Group was one of the first to offer the convenience and efficiency of Multi-plate Quick Connectors in our region

Multi-plate Quick Connector

The first to offer multi-plate quick connectors, Texas Rubber Group offers the best solution for high-pressure hydraulic connections quickly and error free.

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Our Locations

  • Kilgore
    3103 TX-135
    Kilgore, TX 75662
    TEL: (903) 984-0496
    FAX: (903) 984-0948
  • Longview
    3302 W Loop 281
    Longview, TX 75604
    TEL: (903) 295-2568
    FAX: (903) 295-9604
  • Tyler
    5449 Shirley Dr
    Tyler, TX 75708
    TEL: (903) 526-4201
    FAX: (903) 526-4960

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