Authorized Distributor

Texas Rubber Group is an authorized distributor to the following top-of-the-class manufacturers.

Hoses. Fittings. Pumps. Valves. Accessories.

We are also authorized to service your needs with quality products from the following manufacturers.
  • Air-Way Manufacturing
  • American Packing & Gasket
  • Anchor Fluid Power
  • Beltservice Corporation
  • Blue Monster Products
  • Brennan Industries
  • C&C Industries
  • Campbell Fittings
  • Coilhose Pneumatics
  • Couplings Company
  • Cox Reels
  • CRC Industries
  • DK Lok
  • Douglass Manufacturing
  • Dualco
  • Durachoice Valves
  • F&R Manufacturing
  • Federal Hose
  • Fittings Unlimited
  • Flexaust
  • FMC Technologies
  • Foster Manufacturing
  • Fruitland Manufacturing
  • Graco
  • Hannay Reels
  • Hill Manufacturing
  • Flexible Technologies
  • Hose Master
  • Hydraulics, Inc.
  • Jet-Lube
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Kimray
  • Novaflex
  • NRP Jones
  • OPW
  • Parker Texloc
  • Pressure Components
  • PT Coupling
  • Reelcraft
  • SC Hydraulics
  • Sealfast
  • Stainless Hose Fittings
  • Stoneage Inc.
  • Sun Flow
  • Superior Manufacturing
  • Ta Chen
  • TechCal
  • ZSI
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